Holographic SQUOOSH-O?s

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  • DYI Stress Toys
  • Multiple Intelligences:  Intrapersonal
  • Develop/s the following skill/s:
    • Touch, Watch and Hear, Manipulate, Handle
  • Age 6 +
  • Warning: Chocking Hazard


Design a toy that relieves stress and anxiety with every squish and squeeze when you create Holographic SQUOOSH-O'S! Experience a fun and colorful way to take away uneasiness as you combine exciting materials into each SQUOOSH-O and squeeze! Simply fill your balloons with gushy water beads and reflective shredded mylar and watch a cool reaction take place. Watch the shimmery mylar create eye-catching effects and the expanding water beads add a cool texture with a jiggly effect. Creating SQUOOSH-O'S is a fun, hands-on activity to relieve anxiety, express creativity, and strengthen motor skills. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Features & details

  • DESIGN WITH A PURPOSE: Create your own stress balls that help relieve anxiety with every squish and squeeze
  • MAKES 3 SQUOOSH-O’s: Simply combine fun ingredients that create fun reactions, eye-catching details and bumpy textures
  • GREAT INTRO INTO CHEMISTRY: Learn the process of measuring and mixing
  • EXPRESS CREATIVITY: Fun way to express creativity as you experiment with ingredients for a firm, super sparkly or extra squishy creation
  • KIT INCLUDES: Kit Includes: 4 Latex Balloons, Funnel, Instant Snow, Shredded Mylar, Easy-to-Follow Instructions