Sprinkle Butter Slimygloop

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Get hands on and create a silky smooth slimy creation with the YOU*NIVERSE Sprinkle Butter SLIMYGLOOP kit! Simply combine fun and exciting ingredients that transform your ordinary SLIMYGLOOP into a buttery and lively sensation! Get creative as by adding colorful details to your SLIMYGLOOP vibrant foam balls that create colorful details and bumpy texture. Squish, squeeze and stretch your one-of-a-kind Sprinkle Butter SLIMYGLOOP for the ultimate sensory experience. Experiment with your SLIMYGLOOP ingredients to enhance its buttery smooth feel. The creativity is endless! Introduce your kids to hands-on fun and chemistry as they practice simple math and strengthen fine motor skills.

Sodium Tetraborate, Glue, Air Dry Clay, Styrofoam Balls, Mixing Stick, Measuring Cup, Plastic Spoon, Easy-to-Follow Instructions

For Ages: 6+